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PSX (Karachi)

Pakistan Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Limited (PSX), currently the biggest and most liquid stock exchange in Pakistan, was established on September 18, 1947. It was incorporated on March 10, 1949.

With growth in number of listed companies and trading activities, a directory need for a true representative index and computerization of trading activities was felt. As a result PSX 100 Index was introduced on November 1, 1991. Computerized trading system called Karachi Automated Trading System (KATS) was introduced in 2002 with a capacity of 1.0 million trades per day and the ability to provide connectivity to an unlimited number of users.

PSX offers a range of financial products to local and foreign investors which include ready market (equities), deliverable futures, cash-settled futures, stock index futures and bonds.


Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) is the first technology driven, web-based, demutualized commodity exchange in Pakistan. It is licensed and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan and has a 100 % Institutional shareholding.

Pakistan Mercantile Exchange has an Institutional shareholding and the shareholders include National Bank of Pakistan, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange, Islamabad Stock Exchange, Pak Kuwait Investment Company (Pvt.) Limited, and Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd.

PMEX offers diversified contracts in every commodity in terms of lot volume and tenor. The most active commodities traded at PMEX are Gold, Crude Oil and Silver.

Commodity futures are ideal for investors seeking liquidity, portfolio diversification and protection against inflation.

PSX (Islamabad)

The Islamabad Stock Exchange PSX (Islamabad) was incorporated as a limited Company on 25th October, 1989 in Islamabad Capital territory of Pakistan with the main object of setting up of a trading and settlement infrastructure, information system, skilled resources, accessibility and a fair and orderly market place that ranks with the best in the world. The purpose for establishment of the stock exchange in Islamabad was to cater to the needs of less developed areas of the northern part of Pakistan.

The PSX (Islamabad) Towers comprise twin 22 storey towers with unique and inspiring amenities, offer futuristically and aesthetically designed offices with panoramic views, is being constructed over a piece of land measuring 5600 square yards in the heart of Islamabad at Jinnah Avenue (Blue Area) which is the hub of all business and commercial activities in Islamabad.

Company Profile

Zahid Latif Khan Securities (Private) Limited is a progressive and leading corporate brokerage house of Islamabad Stock Exchange (PSX). Established in 1999, Zahid Latif Khan Securities (Private) Limited has become a renowned brokerage house of the PSX (Islamabad) with an expanding network of branches in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The company is the corporate member of PSX (Islamabad).

Our Story

We started our business in 1994 by establishing a business office at Rawalpindi dealing with stocks and shares in collaboration with a reputed Karachi based brokerage house.

After nearly a decade of stock market experience and wide ranging exposure with the securities market, we became full-fledged member of Islamabad Stock Exchange by acquiring its membership in 1999. Since then, ZLK Securities has become a renowned brokerage house of the PSX (Islamabad) by providing the services of highest standards to its clients. In 2010 we became member and active broker of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange providing access and opportunity to trade in commodities like Gold, Crude Oil, Silver and etc. We conduct regular investor awareness programs to guide and educate investors about commodities trading at Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. We offer professional trading support to our clients and keep them up-to-date with our technical and fundamental analysis and research for equity and commodity markets.


to provide services of the highest standard to clients through professional services, diligence, reliability and high operational efficiency.

to provide best possible market research, daily market reports and technical analysis to our clients for timely decision making.


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Board of Directors

  • Mr. Zahid Latif Khan - CEO/Chairman
  • Mr. Ajmal Sultan - Director
  • Mr. Muhammad Atif Khan - Director


  • Mr. Ajmal Sultan

Registered Agents

  • Muhammad Atif Khan
  • Munawar Ali
  • Adnan Ameen Ch
  • Naeem Ahmed Khan
  • Mustafa Asghar
  • Abbas Shah
  • Rashid Rasheed

Meet Our Team

Our team consists of highly professional, experienced and well trained staff with broad ranging qualifications. Like our company, each member of our team is made to comply with the highest code of ethics and conduct thereby contributing to a unique corporate culture of responsibility and accountability in our organization.
M/S zlksec has following managerial staff at various braches:

Mr. Syed Zafar Abbas Manager – Corporate Branch
Mr. Muhammad Atif Khan Manager – Rawalpindi Cantt. Branch
Mr. Adnan Amin Manager – City Branch
Mr. Munawar Ali Manager – Chaklala Branch(0300-5006843)
Mr. Tahir Nadeem Manager Pindi Gheb Branch
Mr. Lt Col (R) Naeem Ahmed Khan Manager Wah Cantt Branch
Mr. Mustafa Asghar Manager F11 Branch

Contact Us

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Corporate Office

412, Islamabad Stock Exchange, Islamabad
+92 51 2894401-05

Cantt Branch

23, Al-Amin Plaza, The Mall, Rawalpindi-Cantt
+92 51 5518717-20

Chaklala Branch

61-C,1st Floor, Aneek Plaza, Street-12,Commercial Area, Chaklala Scheme-III, Rawalpindi
+92 51 5500160-62

City Branch

201,2nd Floor, Dubai Orakzai Plaza, Murree Road, Rawalpindi
+92 51 4852800-900

Pindi Gheb Branch

Office # 1, malik Saeed Market, Near Chief Chowk, Pindi Gheb, Distt. Attock
+92 57 2350461-2

Wah Cantt. Branch

Office # 2,1st Floor,Mall View Plaza,The Mall, Wah Cantt.
+92 57 4540400-500

Abbottabad Branch

C-5,1st Floor,Awan Plaza,Mandian, Abbottabad.

F-11 Branch

Office No.20, First Floor, Select One Plaza, F-11 Markaz, islamabad.
+92 51 2228333-34-35